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  • Psychiatrists
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  • speech language pathologists

Our Story

Relatable Mental Health started out in 2018 as a platform that gave people a place to submit their anonymous mental health stories on Instagram with the intention of amplifying voices in order to increase human connection and reduce stigma. With the increasing mental health presence on social media platforms from those who struggle, overcome and provide psychological services, RMH now aims to provide a bridge to necessary resources for human relatedness and support across many domains.

For those seeking mental health resources:

Created by a licensed psychotherapist, RMH uses a holistic approach by connecting you to psychotherapy and mental health related resources to help you live your best life! Why is this important? You are more than just your psychology. Your psyche is an active participant with the environment and the systems you live in. Yes, psychotherapy is an important instrument that aids us in understanding our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, personalities, and actions. However, we often encounter other struggles that affect our mental health and require us to adapt.

For mental health clinicians, students, and proffesional resources:

RMH is a place where students can seek practicum opportunities, pre-licensed psychotherapists can seek out internship opportunities and for all psychotherapists (pre-licensed and licensed) to seek out and collaborate with necessary resources in order to provide high quality care for their clients. Check out the affordable account memberships to see what we offer for you.