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Is Life Coaching for Me? 

Understanding the benefits of Life Coaching

by Karina Rodriguez Self-Mastery Coach

The desire for self-improvement and personal awareness is something that has long existed in humanity. However, self-improvement and personal awareness within Life Coaching began in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a replica model of sports coaching. Life Coaching is a newer way in which humans have sought to know more about themselves and is a rapidly growing field after gaining exposure in Hollywood in the early 2000s.

Life Coaching is an empowering field which believes that the client is the expert and with the right support can step back, reassess their priorities and move forward towards their goals. It is a forward focused field that takes the past into consideration but always looks ahead and at ways to best support the client to reach the next step. What makes coaching most powerful is the action clients take after the session. Everytime the client takes action it leads to a strengthening sense of personal empowerment and confidence. Lastly, it is extremely enjoyable as it supports the client in feeling more clear and capable at reaching their next goals. 

The intention with Life Coaching is to hire someone to help you connect more closely to yourself, help you define a certain goal/desire and create a path to reach that goal. Through this article I will guide you through a step process to more intimately understand Life Coaching and to evaluate whether it is a good choice for you.  

The purpose of this article is to help you understand:

  1. What a life coach is and what they do
  2. What are the different types of coaches
  3. How life coaching can benefit someone’s mental health
  4. How to identify when you’re ready for life coaching

1. What is a life coach and what do they do 

According to the dictionary, a life coach is someone “who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges”.

Life coaching is about providing a framework for introspection. A coach’s role is to encourage a person to delve into their own selves and take a structured look at their lives so they can help themselves and progress towards their desired goals. A coach does this by helping the client dive into their own lives in order to identify personal and psychological blocks. By doing this, the coach can help the client see what is getting in the way of their desired goals. The coach helps the client understand their own life by carefully studying their behavior and character. 

Life coaches have different strategies and tools to support their clients to reach their desired goal or outcome. Some coaches use communication, visualizations, breath work, somatic sensing, guided meditations or other similar tools. The process of creating personal accountability through goal setting is also a very important factor, as are the actions the client takes. 

2. What are the different types of life coaches? 

Coaches within the personal development space call themselves by different names. You will see folks identify as a finance life coach, a career life coach, a love and relationships coach and so on. Each of these coaches have unique gifts, experiences, passions and skills that they use to help solve a diverse set of challenges. Specific areas of focus or professional titles are very common within personal development and mental health professions. 

These various life coaching titles are meant to help a client easily identify a suitable coach. For example, I go by the term Self-Mastery Coach whereas my friend, Kelcy, identifies as a Self-Love and Confidence Coach. Having specific terms in front of our coaching titles provides insight into the topics you can expect to receive coaching on from us.

3. How can life coaching benefit someone’s mental health?

Mental health challenges are diverse and complex in nature. Someone can be dealing with various diagnoses like PTSD, Chronic Depression and Anxiety and need unique support to address them individually and collectively. A client receiving talk therapy may see an improvement in their ability to cope with anxiety but may be feeling stuck with depression. Some breakthroughs may happen once they include somatic sensory or embodiment practices from a life coach. 

It is not uncommon to come across repetitive thought patterns that are keeping folks stagnant in harmful behaviors, actions, or beliefs that are robbing them of the life they envision for themselves. Through life coaching, a client can receive empowerment and the tools to take ownership over their life. 

A life coach can amplify their feeling of being supported as they embark on the overwhelming undertaking to improve their mental health condition. An individual often experiences a sense of empowerment and self-agency when a coach is enlisted to help overcome their personal challenges. 

A life coach can help uncover an individual’s  deeper purpose which can also ease mental stress. By helping them achieve a sense of clarity over their authentic desires a life coach supports them in working towards their future outcomes.  

4. How to identify when you’re ready for life coaching

A coach will help you see the vision for your life and assist you in addressing the blocks from your past or the limiting beliefs getting in the way. One way to know you’re ready for a life coach is when you experience two feelings simultaneously: you feel a longing for a better life experience and you feel a frustration and a sense of being tired of being in the same situation. You feel like you’re done going through repetitive cycles and you can’t deny there’s an underlying desire for more. You can also feel that more or better is possible for you and that you need help to make it happen. These are indications of a growing sense of empowerment and a desire to take ownership over your lived experience. Introducing a life coach into your life at these ripe times can maximize the transformation and changes you are ready to make. 

I am a Self-Mastery coach and help purpose driven leaders unapologetically be themselves, embody confidence and courage to share their unique gifts and expression to the world. I do this by helping them tap into the wisdom of their body, subconscious and unconscious mind so they can experience breakthroughs in all areas of their life and be their fullest expressed self. If you feel that you are ready to be coached, and you want to develop your Self-Mastery skills, I invite you to connect with me and benefit from my work. 

You can visit my website at www.athomeinyourbody.com. and you can connect with me on instagram at @iam.karinarodriguez. 

I would love to hear from you! What is something that became clear for you after reading this article? 

With love,

Karina Rodriguez

Self-Mastery Coach