• Dieticians
  • Interventionists
  • Life Coaches
  • Psychiatrists
  • Sober Coaches
  • Therapists
  • acupuncturists
  • speech language pathologists

RMH Member Core Values


Connecting with our clients is the foundation of your powerful and transformative work. Connecting with other professionals to learn about what they do and why will open up new avenues for learning and building new perspectives. 


Those in the helping field are encouraged to collaborate with other resources for the betterment of your client’s well-being. Whether it be through connecting with other professionals via consultation or supervision, bringing awareness to our clients about the various resources they can benefit from or asking permission from our clients to speak with their other resources for comprehensive care, it is true that it takes a village.


We all have a unique personality. We encourage students and professionals to speak up about what is important to you in your own creative and genuine way through speaking, writing and art. 


Taking it upon yourself to review what you’ve learned and explore new research will expand your work. Adding to your knowledge-base can inspire you and open doors to new solutions for your clients. We encourage you to speak up about the gaps you see in client care and how to address these in practice and research. 


Innovation requires passion. Creative minds and transforming your perspectives into new thoughts and ideas are always welcome. Schooling and continuing education provides us the necessary and fundamental knowledge and we encourage students and professionals to speak and write about your attitudes and viewpoints on the materials that you have digested and transform them.


It is important to not turn away perspectives that may not align with your own. You do not have to take these perspectives on, but challenging yourself to explore diverse ideas has the potential to induce growth personally and professionally if you move past your own discomfort.


Our values guide our integrity. Honesty and respect for our clients and colleagues breeds trust and connection through following our ethical guidelines and professional boundaries.